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Tumblr is an awesome website, with the ability to share whatever you want (including, but not limited to, your uncensored opinion) with whomever you want.  However, there are evidently some problems with this, including (but not limited to) cultural appropriation, disability appropriation, oppression Olympics and a false ultra-liberal “accept everything” attitude.  Typically, I’m a very live-and-let-live sort of person, but thanks to these fools, the real issues of our society are being smothered.

One example is the negativity now associated with being a SJW, or “social justice warrior”.  Originally heralded as the wisest and most accepting people on the internet, many have since disassociated themselves with the identity due to the recent backlash against them.  The reason?  All of the fakers, the attention cravers, the special snowflakers who latch on to the title of SJW to proclaim their falsified issues to the whole of the web.

The only problem is the lack of social justice being sought, or even the lack of social justice being needed.  These people aren’t interested in feminism, or being anti-racism, or anti-homophobic.  No, these people want to blab about how society is oppressing their “phantom fat” and how society doesn’t understand their burning desire to be disabled.  How they really feel discrimination in their everyday life because they feel that their inner soul is a 2000 year old elf mage, or a Japanese woman.


Those are NOT real issues, NOT real problems, NOT discriminated against, NOT hated by society. No one who talks about those so-called issues needs any sort of justice.  It has gotten to the point where I, myself, barely identify as a SJW any longer.  The antics about pronouns and all the made-up prefixes and suffixes are driving me mad.

So if they could quit ruining the term SJW for the rest of us, that would be great.

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    I get that there are SJWs who promote real justice but it’s entirely their responsibility to weed out the bad seeds from...
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    I could throw a few issues in there as an addition but I think this sums my thoughts up pretty well.
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    Yeah, agreed, but the problem is, nobody outside of the SJW really pays attention to the protests unless they’re related...
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    This also applies to people who, instead of addressing an issue as a whole, choose to focus their rage on a single,...
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    yeah ok it sure is great to know that you get to dictate what neurological disorders are and are not “real”. only your...
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    Are we talking about the same forums here? I’m on several otherkin and therian forums, and I haven’t seen...
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    Type “otherkin forum” into google. Read forums. Viola. As for the difference between a SJW and advocate, does it really...
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    Yeah, really. Shiba’s got it right. The term “social justice warrior” was coined to differentiate overzealous,...
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    As someone who has actually strayed from tumblr because of this, I agree.
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    Agreed 100% I would hope most other would agree( as you mentioned us) but I just don’t know anymore
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    Social justice is cool and all, yay equality. But is “social justice warrior” something you really want to reclaim? I...